Tactile Framework

Community of Practice:

A framework for learners developing bodily-tactile communication and tactile sign language skills

Welcome to my project exploring: The Framework for Learners Developing Bodily-Tactile Communication and Tactile Sign Language Skills (“The Tactile Framework”).

About the project

Whilst working with Deafblind learners and studying tactile communication practice, I have found that there is a need for a tool that brings together current research and thinking with day-to-day clinical practice. This project is about evaluating a pilot framework to support practitioners in following progress and setting goals for learners who use bodily-tactile communication and tactile sign language.  If you join the project, you will be able to download the resource and I hope that you will find the framework helpful and find the time to offer feedback to help refine development. I’m really keen to hear what you think.

What is the tactile framework?

The framework for learners developing bodily-tactile communication and tactile sign language skills is a pilot framework that has been released for initial testing and trial by practitioners working with learners who use tactile communication. The framework has been designed to support assessment and development of communication practice.

Who should use the tactile framework?

The tactile framework is designed to be used by DeafBlind Consultants and practitioners supporting deafblind people with an understanding of tactile language and language development.

Practitioners could include Speech and Language Therapists, Qualified Teachers of Sensory Impairment (QTOD, QTVI or QTMSI).  Ideally the tactile framework should be used by practitioners with appropriate level of sign language skills, however observations can be made by a team of colleagues working together (for example, a consultant, an intervenor and an interpreter if required).

It is recommended that users of the tactile framework have attended training in bodily-tactile communication and tactile sign language skills before use.

Will there be training available?

Webinars will be available on a regular basis for practitioners to explore using the tactile framework as an observational tool to support learners using bodily-tactile communication and tactile sign language. Please email me to express an interest in a webinar.

What happens next?

I am releasing this pilot version to gain feedback on how useful the resource is for practitioners.  I would like to keep in contact with you to seek your views and experience of using the framework.

When you download the framework you will be asked to sign up to a community of practice mailing list, which will only be used to share information about the framework on an occasional basis.

You can access the feedback survey at http://bit.ly/TactileFrameworkFeedback . Over the next year, I intend to complete an audit of user experiences and gather suggestions for improvement. Results from audit will be shared within the community of practice.

If you have any problems downloading the resource, or want to share comments, questions about the use of the tactile framework or suggestions for improvements, please contact steve@steverosetherapy.com.

Last update: January 2023